The foundation started in 1992, out of the association of young musicians from Italy and Argentina, with the goal of developing and promoting the different aspects of music through activities related to didactic concepts and international concerts, thus projecting a cultural exchange with other countries.  Young musicians receive the support of famous artists thanks to these activities, which include festivals of didactic or educational concerts, cultural exchanges, recitals and most importantly courses, contests and international bachelorships of classical music in different countries, specially Switzerland, Italy and Argentina.

Activities started in 1992 in the Italian cities of Bergamo and Palazzollo Sul Oglio and Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, through the association of Italian pianists Simone Pagani, Marco Giovanetti and Daniel Goldstein of Argentina, since 2001 president and director of the international institute which became a foundation in Argentina. The concept of a continuous exchange refers to traning students and also teachers, artists and renowned members of the cultural world, who take part of the various educational and concert activities organised around the world.

Programming activities in the long run is a priority fro the Foundation, since it is considered to be the only valuable form of education in the constant development of an artistic career. In other words, many of the students who have been trained with us are still present and also take part of our activities as true professionals. It is for these reasons that International Courses are organised every year in different cities, with concert prizes and bachelorships for further studies, as well as Series of Concerts in which international artists and awarded students perform together.

The Foundation has been awarded with the Prize of Argentina’s Critics Association in 2002 for its continuous cultural and educational work.

Our institution also carries out activities in other countries, like the Courses of Special Training in the Italian city of Sassari, Sardinia, in combination with the Regional Conservatoire, in Bergamo and Brescia with the Musicarte Association, in Lucerne, Switzerland, with the National Conservatoire and in Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.A.) among others. The Foundation was also officially invited to take part of the Annual Workshops of Orchestra Conducting and Piano by the National Music Conservatoire of Tolima, city of Ibagué, Colombia, as part of the ALCEM project.

Ever since 2007 the Foundation also organises an annual cultural and federal project known as GESTARTE, in different regions of the country, involving courses, workshops and concerts.

It has also been sponsored by international companies and institutions, which have also been part of the activities for many years. Among these are the sponsorships in different stages, such as the Honorific Presidency of the Italian Embassy with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Buenos Aires, Consolato Generale D’Italia La Plata and the support of the embassies of Switzerland, the Slovenian Republic and the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and U.S.A., the General Secretary of Cultural Affairs of the Argentine Foreign Office and also the Secretary of Culture and Communication of the Presidency of Argentina. Others that can be mentioned are the Mozarteum Argentino, Antorchas Foundation, Asociación Amigos de Jóvenes Músicos, Asociación Amigos de la Orquesta Mayo, Río Negro newspaper and Culture House of Río Negro, Neuquén Bank Foundation, etc. Foreign companies include the Pro – Helvetia (Fondation Suisse pour la Culture), Musikhochschule Luzern (National Conservatoire of Lucerne, Switzerland), Music & Performing Arts at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland (Ohio, U.S.A.),  Associazione Musicarte Cittá di Palazzolo s/Oglio – Brescia – Italy, Fondazione Arts Academy di Roma – Italy, Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Luigi Canepa” di Sassari,Sardegna – Italy, La Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, La federazione Circoli Sardi in Argentina, the Pottesman Trust Foundation, Steinway Hall of Londres, Iberian & Latin American Music Society, Beethoven Piano Society of Europe, KPMG Company of Switzerland, the Raymond James American Bank, the Compañía General de Fósforos Sud Americana S.A. and Petróleos Sudamericanos, Fargo company of Argentina,  NLB -Nova Ljubljanska Banka S.A. , Interpack S.A., Movicom BellSouth and Movistar, the Cetan Viajes travel agency, Tiempo Latino Cristiano newspaper, Manuel Tienda León and James Smart, among others.



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