Wines of Argentina como anticipo de la USA Magic Friends Tour

Wines of Argentina, en el marco de la estrategia de “premiunizar” la oferta exportable argentina de vinos, invitó al país durante el curso de una semana, a más de 40 Masters of Wines.

Se buscaron dos objetivos:

– catapultar su conocimiento actual de la vitivinicultura argentina, y

– enamorarlos de la cultura argentina, para que puedan actuar como futuros embajadores argentinos.

Como consecuencia de la unión con TRAPICHE  en el evento Masters of Wine, estamos felices de concretar junto con ellos y nuestra FUNDACION,  el inicio de USA MAGIC FRIENDS TOUR  abril/mayo 2018. Se une  el concepto de embajadores de la cultura argentina de MASTERS OF WINE con  nuestro proyecto CULTURAPUNTOARGENTINA

En el mundo existen apenas un poco más de 350 Master of Wines, y es el título “enológico” más complejo y respetado en la industria y queremos nombrar a los que participaron en nuestro país de esta cultura de sentidos.

Los grandes Masters of Wines en Argentina:

Konstantin Baum MW

Jane Hunt MW

Anne McHale MW

Cees van Casteren

Louise Sydbeck MW

Robin Kick MW

Pedro Ballesteros MW

Caro Maurer MW

Matthew Forster MW

Vicky Burt MW

Marina Gayan MW

John Hoskins MW

Andy Howard MW

Mark de Vere MW

Peter T. Koff MW

Neil Tully MW

Jürgen von der Mark MW

Edward Adams MW

Mary Ewing-Mulligan MW

Richard Bampfield MW

Rod Smith MW

Mark Bingley MW

Peter Scudamore-Smith MW

Eugene Mlynczyk MW

Jane Masters MW

Jane Boyce MW

Mark Pygott MW

Conal Gregory MW

Victoria Stephens-Clarkson MW

Mai Tjemsland MW

David Forer MW

Phil Tuck MW

Michelle Cherutti-Kowal MW

Pat Farrell MW

Anne Tupker MW

Patrick Schmitt

Madeleine Stenwreth MW

Penny Richards

Debra Meiburg MW

Ying Tan

Beverly Banning

Palacio Duhau Antonio Soriano - chef y Eduardo Hoffmann 20180223_181229 (1)






En el siguiente artículo publicado en The Drinks Business Magazine (Gran Bretaña), Patrick Schmitt, Master of Wine, periodista y Chief Editor en dicho medio, anticipaba lo que sería el Masters of Wines en Argentina:


19th February, 2018 by Patrick Schmitt

Argentina is hosting 40 Masters of Wine this week to create “new ambassadors” for the country, according to Trapiche’s Duncan Keen, who has masterminded the trip.

The MWs visited Zuccardi Wines in Paraje AltamiraDuring an opening address on Saturday evening at Trapiche’s winery outside the city of Mendoza, Keen outlined his motivation for inviting more than 40 MWs to visit Argentina.

Stressing that the country must continue on a drive to raise its average bottle prices in both domestic and export markets, he said that he wanted to show the visiting Masters of Wine how it is “premiumising its offer”.

He also said that the MWs should be able to help Argentina raise awareness for its higher-end products once they fully understand the quality and range of wines being made today.

“We need help with premiumisation, and we believe that working with the Institute of Masters of Wine is one of the ways,” he said.

Commenting that both the visiting MWs and Argentine wine producers stand to benefit from the week-long programme of winery visits and masterclasses, he added, “We think Argentina has undergone a transformation in the last few years and we believe we can boost your knowledge.”

He also said that the events during this week were groundbreaking in Argentina, as they had brought together producers.

“Here we want to work in a different way, where the subregions are more important than the wineries. The subregions are where the wines come from; the wineries come later – for example, we will have a masterclass now with 20 wines, and only one comes from Trapiche,” he said.

Selecting the wines and helping to choose the themes of the masterclasses has been a committee of independent experts, comprising Argentine sommeliers Paz Levinson and Andrés Rosberg along with MWs Tim Atkin and Madeleine Stenwreth.

Tim Atkin MW, Madeleine Stenwreth MW, Paz Levinson (sommelier) and Andrés Rosberg (sommelier). You can follow the latest news on Twitter using the hashtag #MWinARGENTINA.

Then, Keen the emphasized his hopes for the trip before the first masterclass began.

“Hopefully as of next Monday you will start to consider Argentina in everything you do; we want to gain mindshare of you, that’s what we are trying to do,” he stated.

Outlining his aims in three succinct points, he added, “We will strive for you to fall in love with Argentina and our culture; we will strive to you to fall in love with our wines and our people, and we will strive for you not to forget us.”

Finally, summing up his expectations in a single sentence, he stated: “By the end of the week we will have more than 40 new ambassadors of Argentina”.

Fuente:  The Drinks Business





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