Ever since 1998 the Foundation has been concentrated, amongst all its activities, on the return and promotion of important Argentine composers and musicians of our musical history. In 2009 our institution created a new project, “Músicos.ar / músicos argentinos” (musicians from Argentina), with the goal of promoting the work of great Argentine artists. Maestro José Bragato was appointed patron of this project, for his long career as a renowned personality of Argentina’s music circuit, both classical and popular, for being a true representative of our cultural identity and for his national and international musical projection. The achievement of this project was due to the investigation of numerous works and arrangements (some of them specially written for the project) by different artists.

Many performers from all over the country and also from other countries have been summoned to look over and study of all the works involved, and eventually presented them in different concert halls in Argentina. Seminars and workshops about these musical works have also been organised in universities, conservatoires and regional music schools, in order to communicate and promote the artistic and educational importance of those compositions.

One special testimony of this project is the documentary film of an Argentine musician, thus creating an awareness of our national culture: “José Bragato: partituras de su vida” (“José Bragato: a life in his music scores”), with José Luis Castiñeira de Dios as artistic director and produced by Nicolás Borenstein. This documentary was officially presented in the United States in 2013, in Washington D.C. and New York, in concerts including prestigious artists who performed works by the Maestro and his famous arrangements on Piazzolla’s compositions.

This represents the first step in the way to promote the experience and the work of some of our greatest artists, as a development of our cultural identity, and also to promote the works of other present artists, such as Saúl Cosentino, Osvaldo Tarantino, Carlos Goytea and José Luis Castiñeira de Dios among others. The idea is to join these names together of those like Julián Aguirre, Alberto Williams, Alberto Ginastera and Carlos Guastavino, in order to present a bigger panorama of Argentina’s musical world.

 As part of the Músicos.ar (Argentine musicians) project, we have created a new concept:


With the goal of including the world of jazz into our national culture, we open the way for popular music into our “classical” forms, with great musicians like Argentine renowned jazz pianist Manuel Fraga, who joins forces with pianist and composer Saúl Cosentino and classical pianist Daniel Goldstein in the realisation of this event.

pianorama is a project developed from the repertoire and artists summoned from the worlds of jazz, tango and universal classical music, with the objective of trying to show how much “…popular elements can be found in classical music, tango and jazz”, performing works for solo piano, four hands and piano duets, with the inclusion of improvisations on classical works by Mozart, Chopin and other composers.

It is for the forementioned reasons that the cobcert programme includes works by “classical” universal composers as well as academic Argentine artists like Aguirre, Ginastera or Castro. Tango works by Cosentino, Bragato or Piazzolla, and jazz works by ellington, Gershwin, Brubeck or Albert Ammons, among others.

pianorama is a panorama of all the different aspects of the piano, and during its development will also invite and summon other pianists and artists with different characteristics. This project also includes a special educational activity, with the PIANO TECHNIQUE WORKSHOP being presented in tours around the country together with the concerts. The workshop is presented by Fraga, Cosentino and Goldstein, and includes various basic aspects of piano technique and the need for an awareness of the piano action in opening a wider world of possibilities in piano performance, specially in the development of improvisation techniques.


Interpretation and improvisation   


The study of piano must be carried out not only from the musical aspect, or the concept of style, or the spiritual and intuitive approach. It basically requires a commitment with the concept of real training.This concept involves, as some of its fundamental roots, an understanding of the hand shape, the five touches, an awareness of gravity and the real function of weight, and the muscular and bone system as a really unified body. We understand that the practical internalisation of this training gives us the means to express the intended sound with more freedom at all times during performance, with the further goal of developing our musical perception by using all our personal and emotional intentions.

Pianists with very different backgrounds and styles develop an original form of awareness for piano technique in classical music, jazz tango and folk music.

Conversations with composer and pianist Saúl Cosentino

The workshop offers the possibility of talking with Maestro Cosentino and his life experiences, how he has made them part of his popular musical language, and specially discussing his tango works and his personal friendship with Astor Piazzolla.

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